The Balloon Release Tradition in Indy 500 will be Abandoned?

Viewers of Indy 500 will not seem to witness the balloon release, the old tradition of the prestigious event that has happened for years. We know that since 1947, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has released thousands of balloons on the race day morning. For the upcoming event, it won’t be likely to happen because of the recent disputes between the officials and the practice critics stated that it could endanger wildlife.

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A new billboard revealed this week about the pressures on the Indy 500 officials. The new advertisement pushes Indianapolis Motor Speedway to cease the decades-old tradition of releasing thousands of balloons on the race morning. Of course, it procures several different reactions from the fans of the Indy 500 and the community involved. Danielle Vosburgh, the co-founder of Balloons Blow and the Florida woman behind the billboard, said that after the balloons were released, they will make their way back to the earth. When the balloons came back to earth, these would be any other kind litter that can endanger wildlife.

Just like with other people, Vosburgh stated that we needed to dispose of the garbage properly. Her sensible statement is why letting the balloon fly to the air while they will land somewhere else.

The billboard sends a crystal clear message about the traditions’ objection. The messages demand the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to retire the tradition of releasing thousands of balloons on the race morning. Who’s behind this, anyway?

The billboard idea is coming from different groups who take care of the environment. However, the sole executors are the environmental activism and education website Balloons The Fund for Wild Nature funded the activity. The billboard is on 16th street, just west of the intersection with the Indiana Avenue in Indianapolis on Monday, March 18, 2019.

Vosburgh has a good reason why she’d like to proceed with her action. She grew up cleaning the shores of southeast Florida. Over the last decade, she has seen more and more balloons ended up on the beach. Not only making them dirty, but these can also endanger wildlife and the surrounding environment.

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However, Alex Damron, the Speedway’s director of communications, stated that the balloons are biodegradable. The materials of the aircraft are organic and biodegradable rubber. So, it shouldn’t be a problem for the environment. However, experts told IndyStar that the balloons can take more years to degrade. Meanwhile, they will still pose threats to wildlife.